Beyonce: Dress Like The Queen While On A Budget

Beyonce: Dress Like The Queen While On A Budget

Beyonce: Dress Like The Queen While On A Budget

as well as being queen of the music industry beyonce is also a major style icon she even has her own label today we’re looking at her infamous super bowl outfit and if we can replicate it for less much less let’s break it down we have a green denim blazer with white stitching by balmain for two thousand two hundred and ninety five dollars matching denim

pants also by balmain eight hundred and ninety five dollars white cat eye shades by the specs and adam salman 119 white stiletto pumps by lucia 565 dollars and finally a custom made 17 carat diamond choker by masika a standard piece by this designer goes for around 40 000 so we can only imagine how much this thing cost this a-list look comes in at a hefty

3874. we have a lot of work to do so let’s get started so let’s start with the pantsuit with etsy all right green pantsuits not bad well that’s pajamas let’s be fair it’s got to have that seal in the middle so you can have the cleavage this would be good if it had sleeves this is good oh look okay not mad at this 1970s oh it’s ribbed okay so this is more of a corduroy look it’s

not that far off the legs are a little loose it could be better all right well that’s an option oh what’s this oh it’s a leather oh my god that will be a sweat factory 300 nope sorry oh a boiler suit would be kind of cool but that’s not what we’re going for oh wow this one has to be trying to lean into the super bowl look because it’s literally in an empty stadium look what

you could be just like beyonce it’s okay it’s not the right shade of green at all and one photo only we can’t even tell what it really looks like it looks like it’s done with a tie which isn’t really correct okay let’s try fashion nova let’s try to start with

pantsuit maybe this isn’t the right category okay that’s bad um let’s do green blazer that’s okay but it doesn’t have anything to connect it we’re looking for one to two buttons in the middle like this this is it but not in any way no this isn’t working okay as always i’m going to give up and go on amazon let’s go back to the denim search term let’s do denim green

blazer yeah denim blazer not hard to come by green denim blazer oh that would be great but it doesn’t look like it has a button this is the important part because she doesn’t have a shirt underneath tell me how this is a pantsuit let’s try just the blazer first green blazer oh that’s not bad but i don’t love the color let’s see got the one button it’s not a very bold

green is it i think we can do a little better than this i’m sad that we’re not going to get the white stitching but it’s just so specific but the white shoes and the white sunglasses can tie in that element at least okay that could be cleavage covering this one feels a little too much like a suit okay let’s try green women’s suit well there’s the skirt version oh that would be

nice that’s fun kind of an austin powers moment okay a lot of scrolling later and i finally found this tell me this isn’t the right color this is very similar to what beyonce has it’s not as work looking as some of the blazers are i like the slouch sleeves actually but i’m sure you can wear them down it’s a classy wardrobe must-have so free delivery 37.99 that we delivered in five days sounds good to me next up green jeans let’s stick to amazon but let’s try to do denim oh let’s do

jeans not denim green jeans for women just the jeans you need oh look already that’s pretty green wait this is slightly bluer but these are not bad 16.99 that’s very cheap um oh oh my god that’s it that’s a pretty good match let’s see again yeah that’s like the exact same color and it’s bold and they’re jegging so they’ll be comfy and really tight good reviews

20.99 free delivery it’s about a week i like these okay we have our suit i’m proud of it it may be from amazon but no one’s gonna know it’s not a high fashion brand okay white cat eye shades let’s head back to fashion nova sunglasses white oh my god these ones already that’s amazing fashion nova literally killing it right here this is exactly what we need and

they’re so cheap sometimes online shopping just really comes together you know yeah that’s like spot on right that’s it i even say cat eye what’s more to need okay shipping yeah we’re definitely not gonna spend over 75 so for the whole order shipping will be 4.99 i assume um i love these that was the easiest search ever okay well fashion over can you also deliver us some nice shoes oh look we have some white pumps who knew that’s amazing all right let’s just keep looking just in

case oh look some more wait why are those different i think they have the brown base just like beyonce’s oh boy okay well let’s look at both because the other ones were cheaper but these ones are more accurate 29.99 these are the ones oh my god they’re perfect though sue and jacket were so cheap can we please have these ones pretty please okay let’s look at the others so they’re 30. wait they’re both 30. just because i wanted it i decided in my head it was more expensive all right

well perfect go away other shoes almost all the sizes available we’ll get these and the sunglasses here third time’s a charm can we make it with the necklace too let’s type in choker there’s nothing very original looking fashion nova i’m not happy with your efforts here these aren’t big enough we need to go big or go home am i crazy or is this eclairs accessories

moment i feel like they used to have huge prom chokers all right i’m going to close accessories because i am 12. I haven’t been here in a few years oh it’s cute i love when chokers came back into fashion I also this happened in my actual childhood and then reappeared and that’s the first time i knew i was old i used to wear 70s and 60s clothes when i was a

kid and my mom was like i used to wear that and i was like shut up mom and now i’m basically a mum but without a kid how do i make these more elaborate it’s too silver so that at least it knows i want it to be not fabric still trying to get me with these guys uh that’s not too bad no i need like they used to be like framed i feel like this is much more of an amazon

item actually even if i don’t want it to be i hope beyonce doesn’t find out that we made her outfit from amazon she might be mad diamante choker okay we’re having the same like strip options oh that’s a little more detailed just oh oh that’s okay these two are more the vibe that’s too detailed we need it to be more angular this is tricky it’s kind of like a dog collar but really fancy dog what if i write geometric choker is geometric a word that amazon will appreciate i don’t know where

this is going that’s geometric apparently a dreamcatcher necklace that’s geometric that’s a triangle oh yeah that now they’re getting it now they know what i mean that’s actually not crazy i’m gonna keep that one as well so this is the fancy pants one uh we only have one photo of it unfortunately but it does have a lot of diamonds however it doesn’t have the geometric lines it’s very curved but very glamorous

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