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Behind Sean Connery’s Career In Film

Behind Sean Connery’s Career In Film

saying goodbye to one of hollywood’s greats from the moment the audiences first heard the line my name is bond james bond audiences fell in love with the unique accent and acting talents of a mostly unknown scottish actor sean connery’s career only grew as he aged continuing to wow fans well into his 70s his life and talents will live on through his work and far-reaching career with the news of his unfortunate passing at the age of 90 we look back at the life and work of a legendary figure forever part of the history of hollywood i thank you all sincerely after a 40-year career sean connery is known by fans for many of his major works such as james bond highlander the untouchables the hunt for red october alongside alec baldwin and the rock in 1996 with nicholas cage connery’s talents extended beyond big blockbuster hits

and he also worked on lesser known projects like hitchcock’s marny the wind and the lion and 1979’s meteor born thomas sean connery in 1930 the actor comes from edinburgh scotland and was the son of middle-class working parents after a short time served in the military connery competed in a mr universe pageant in 1950 before getting into acting with his audition for the stage production of south pacific his first credited tv role was in requiem for a heavyweight earned thanks to his early passion for weightlifting after securing some smaller stage tv series and film roles as a young thespian connery was in his early 30s when he first stepped onto the set for the 1962 action thriller film james bond dr no which was based on the ian fleming novel connery provided a captivating portrayal of the debonair smooth talking agent the

film was a box office success and producers immediately began working on sequels to add to the budding franchise connery reprised his role as the suave secret agent known to enemies as double-oh-seven he went on to star in other bond films such as from russia with love goldfinger thunderball and you only live twice by 1971 after completing diamonds are forever connery expanded his career into more challenging roles and projects not allowing himself to fall into the pit of typecasting despite his unique accent and aging appearance although dropping his scottish brogue may have helped him

to land more american roles it’s been a long time since i’ve said connery chose to keep his signature accent throughout his career when someone planted it there what made his voice so distinct was that although he clearly sounds scottish in most of his on-screen roles his accent with its unique touch of a lisp is not typical of his native edinburgh i think they were on the way to a funeral in 1979 connery took on a semi-comedic role opposite harrison ford adding to his credits a spot in spielberg’s popular indiana jones franchise he played ford’s father in the last crusade less than a decade later

connery took home an oscar for his performance in the 1987 film the untouchables in which he played a tough police officer from chicago he again charmed viewers in his 2000 role in finding forrester connery didn’t return to the character of bond until 1983 when he reprised the role for the film never say never again after his role in the 2003 film the league of extraordinary gentlemen connery decided to retire from acting later he was offered a role in the revamped bond series alongside daniel craig but he turned it down admitting that he was enjoying retirement too much to return to the business in 1962 connery married diane salento an actress known for her role as molly in tom jones the couple had a son

whom they named jason but eventually divorced in 1974. he then married painter and artist micheline rockebroon in 1975. the pair were married for 40 years spending many hours enjoying their mutual interest of golfing up until his passing despite accusations of abuse that followed him throughout his life connery was the recipient of many awards of achievement and honor he received france’s order of arts and literature a kennedy center honorary award a lifetime achievement from the american film institute and was even proclaimed a knight in 2000 by queen elizabeth ii in 2008 the retired actor released his book being a scot which he co-wrote with murray grigore the news of connery’s passing came early on the morning of october 31st his son told the press that his father passed away peacefully before his passing connery lived in lifford k bahamas and had been struggling with his health for some time his final days however were surrounded by family jason told bbc that today is a sad day for all who knew and loved my dad and a sad loss for all

people around the world who enjoyed the wonderful gift he had as an actor the current producers of the bond series michael g wilson and barbara broccoli made a statement about the actor’s important contribution to the film franchise he was and shall always be remembered as the original james bond whose indelible entrance into cinema history began when he announced those unforgettable words bond james bond as for the newest james bond daniel craig the actor also said that connery’s work defined an era and a style connery’s fellow actors and former colleagues also had lovely things to say about the late star hugh jackman tweeted a legend on screen and off arnold schwarzenegger another actor who often

chose to maintain his unique accent in roles tweeted sean connery was a legend one of the greatest actors of all time he provided endless entertainment for all of us and inspiration for me sean connery’s legendary work in the film industry will live on as well as the legend that was one of the greatest actors and figures in hollywood history what is your favorite connery film let us know in the comments and remember to subscribe to the taco to stay up to date with pop culture news and stars

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