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Before Elections, Justin Trudeau Appears To Be In Trouble

Before Elections, Justin Trudeau Appears To Be In Trouble

Canada has had an interesting relationship with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He was elected in 2015 after years of conservative rule, promising to bring real change and a fresh perspective on Canadian politics which his father Pierre Elliot brought when he served as prime minister from the seventies until nineteen eighties. But now, just two weeks before elections are set to take place that will determine if Trudeau remains at this position or not there have been polls showing that it looks like people may be ready for something different again. This is bad news for him because historically speaking most voters who vote liberal do so even though they aren’t completely happy about their leader but rather than go back right wingers tend simply choose someone else who seems more likely by virtue of where they’re standing

Two weeks before elections, Justin Trudeau appears to be in trouble. A recent poll shows that the Canadian Liberal Party is losing support of voters due to some controversial issues like immigration and tax reforms. The drop has been attributed mostly by younger Canadians who are upset over Trudeau’s move on increasing taxes for those earning more than $200K per year along with his handling of Prime Ministerial duties not effectively addressing Canada’s economic policies which may lead us towards a recession as well as Donald Trump’s tariffs hurting our economy significantly leading to increased unemployment especially among youth aged 15-24 years old whose participation rate would fall below 50% from 55%

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