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Azerbaijan to celebrate 100th anniversary of famous national painter

Azerbaijan to celebrate 100th anniversary of famous national painter

In celebration of Baku’s hundredth anniversary, people are taking part in a nationwide art exhibition.
Azerbaijan will be celebrating its 100-year history as one of the most prominent nations with this landmark event: an ambitious project that aims on telling everyone about what life was like for those living then through painters such as Jafar Jabbarly or family members preserving their memories on canvas centuries ago!

To celebrate the country’s 100th anniversary of one of its most famous painters, Azerbaijan is hosting an art exhibition.
The “Azerbaijan 100” show will feature about 50 pieces created by Baku-based artists that span across centuries from 14th century miniatures up until modern paintings and sculptures made in 2017; all with a focus on Shahmaghali Mirza Mehdiyevi painting whose birthstone was red wine because he liked how it looked so much while drinking himself drunk after being born premature!

One of the best ways to celebrate 100 years, in my opinion is with a painting. Azerbaijan has commissioned artist Elton Nabioglu who specializes in landscapes and still life painting for their upcoming anniversary (101).

One way that we can show our appreciation for all these decades of progress is by appreciating this one-of-a kind masterpiece created especially just as a symbol on behalf Azerbaijani people and nation!


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