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At least four shot dead in Vienna terror attack

At least four shot dead in Vienna terror attack

in Vienna the crackle of gunfire the signal that multiple attackers had opened fire in what is now Europe’s latest terror attack have been killed in the streets many others are in hospital some with life-threatening conditions police have shot dead at least one gunman others are thought to still be on the loose emergency services were called last night to the city

center after reports of gunfire from six different locations many near the city’s main synagogue it’s not yet clear if this was a targeted attack on the Jewish community but it comes not long after two faith-based attacks in France including the

beheading of a school teacher who showed pupils caricatures of the prophet muhammad as well as the stabbing of churchgoers in nice austria’s leader sebastian kurtz has described the attacks as pre-planned terrorism people are being told to stay away from the city centre with the country’s borders being tightened children are being allowed to stay home

from school i ask the population to stay at home or if they are in a safe place to stay there to follow the news whether it is possible to take up public life as normal tomorrow morning that will very much depend on tonight and whether it is

possible to catch or eliminate the suspects and one thing must be clear and it will be clear and that is what the police stand for whoever attacks one of us is attacking all of us austria has also today entered a new partial coronavirus lockdown many had gone to the city centre for one last night out suddenly the shooting started first we did not know what it was but suddenly people who were sitting in other guests gardens started to run first we kept standing there because we did not know what was going on then they were shooting again but closer so we started to run away because we did not

know if we were running in the right direction we run into a hotel and hit them while austria continues to deal with covid this attack a reminder of other brewing dangers until now it has been france that’s born the anxious weight of this resurgence in terrorism but now those tentacles have spread

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