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At least 39 dead and 800 injured in earthquake that hit Turkey and Greece

At least 39 dead and 800 injured in earthquake that hit Turkey and Greece

18 hours beneath the rubble and still in high spirits I’m fine a little voice rings out my foot was stuck that’s why it really hurts an elderly woman helped out to rounds of applause even a rescued cat one of its nine lives used up but then there are so many who wait and hope that the frequent calls for quiet where everyone stops to listen brings signs of life from

inside the rubble raghip ozturk was pulled out in the first 20 minutes but his wife of 40 years is still somewhere inside this mound of concrete and twisted metal i’m still waiting for her i cannot even rejoice at being alive myself when i first

got out i asked where’s my is she alive know how precious your spouse is this is dusty difficult work turkey’s disaster agency says they think around 100 people are still trapped across eight different sites with five thousand emergency staff working day and night to get them out the first 48 hours tend to be the most critical after that the chances of survival diminish in a search and rescue mission but there are often miraculous stories of people who survive into the second

week in a natural disaster such as this but somewhere along the line man contributed to this too why else was just the odd building reduced to dust when others stayed standing arzu tanner’s 24 year old daughter worked on the ground floor of one of them she told me the building was not earthquake proof i knew that something was going to happen my daughter told me so that’s why i came rushing and here she waits desperately worried hoping for the best fearing the worst dynamagne sky news izmir turkey

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