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Astronauts prepare for historic SpaceX launch this weekend

Astronauts prepare for historic SpaceX launch this weekend

Trace: thank you both. sandra: thank you, gentlemen. Four astronauts are gearing up With the spacex trip to the International space station Tomorrow. Phil keating is live at the Kennedy space center. Exciting. What can we expect? very exciting. The rains of tropical storm eta Passed through the state Yesterday. The weather is looking good for The

maiden voyage and launch of The crew 1 dragon capsule. This will be big. Look inside. Weather conditions now 70% Favorable. That is historic launch pad 39 And spacex falcon nine rocket On bottom and on top the crew Dragon ready to

go tomorrow Night. The spacex launch is a bigger Deal than any launch since the Last space shuttle in 2011. In fact, nasa administrator Calls it historic. It rolled to launch pad 39a a Few days ago and ready to go. Blast-off scheduled saturday Night at 7:00:49 eastern. Yesterday afternoon all four Astronauts put on their Pressurized suit. Went up to the capsule

for one Final rehearsal for tomorrow Night. They sat in seats and did every Step of a launch and docking With the space station. The crew for this first Commercial crew launch Beginning a new chapter for Nasa left to right mission Specialist shannon walker, Pilot glover, commander hopkins And naguchi from the japanese Space agency. In may for the second

and final Test flight, doug hurley and Bob ben k*in. Nasa is beyond excited. to be able to do the Research at the iss to get us To the moon and mars is Historic. Having everybody going up Together and flying them more Regularly has always been the Goal and now we’re kicking that Off. once the crew gets to the Space station early sunday Morning they all will stay up There six months, 250 miles

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