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Asos and Primark set out new green pledges

Asos and Primark set out new green pledges

Asos and Primark are two of the world’s leading retailers.
As such, they have set out new green pledges that will help them become leaders in sustainability! The first step is committing to using 100% renewable electricity by 2020 (which can be done through a number different technologies). Next on their list? A goal for eliminating all toxins from production processes at home-plus work with other brands like H&M & American Eagle Outfittersby 2025

Asos and Primark are taking their green initiatives to the next level with new, more ambitious targets for reducing waste.
The garment retailer Asos has just announced that it will be setting a goal this year of cutting down on the amount of fabric used during production by 10%. The move is in response ____to customer demand who want sustainable clothes without compromising style or affordability—they’re doing what they can so people all over have access flexible options when shopping online today! Just two weeks ago we reported about how UKbased budget fashion brand

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