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Arie Luyendyk Jr. & Lauren Burnham Are Having Twins

ari lion dyke jr and lauren burnham are expecting another baby well now make that baby this is your bachelor brief two days after the bachelor couple revealed that they were pregnant again they broke another piece of major news they’re actually having twins lauren shared photos of her sonogram and wrote we may have left out one small detail adding two baby emojis ari shared the same snap and captioned it two little miracles love them with all my heart already the news of twins was a huge surprise for the couple they shot a vlog during their

ultrasound appointment where their doctor broke the shut news no way [Music] are you kidding me no word during the appointment they learned that they were expecting fraternal twins and they excitedly reacted to the news in the car i’m just like i’m terrified at one point because i know it’s probably gonna be a trickier pregnancy but i’m also really happy because i think it’s gonna be so cool the little ones on the

way will be babies number two and three for lauren and ari the pair already share one-year-old daughter alessi their journey to give the toddler a sibling hasn’t always been easy the pair revealed earlier this year that they’d suffered a miscarriage after conceiving again when

announcing that she was pregnant this time lauren wrote on instagram it’s hard to know what to say right now i’ve been crying on and off for the past three months right now is no different so so grateful adding a rainbow emoji to signify her and ari’s rainbow babies congrats to the soon to be family of five

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