Ariana Grande & Dalton Gomez’s Most LOVABLE Moments!

Ariana Grande & Dalton Gomez's Most LOVABLE Moments!

Ariana Grande & Dalton Gomez’s Most LOVABLE Moments!

increasingly open about her relationship with Dalton Gomez, so since we could all use a little love, light, and positivity right now, we’re breaking down the happy couples’ most melt-worthy moments! If you’re like us and you’ve been playing Ariana Grande’s new album Positions on repeat since it’s release, as if you didn’t already know, you’d now DEFINITELY know that our girl Ari has fallen head over heels for her boyfriend Dalton Gomez. The two reportedly began dating in

January of this year, and kept pretty tight-lipped about their relationship throughout the first few months… but all that changed as they continued to share more and more details about their love for one another, and fans are LIVING for the sweet moments that have Ari beaming with happiness.  After numerous hints and months of speculation, fans were thrilled as Ari shared the first few glimpses into their relationship during the music video debut for her collab with Justin

Bieber called “Stuck With U”. The song and music video were released back in May, just about a month into quarantine, and features actual footage that fans sent in while singing along, as well as both Justin, his wife Hailey, Ariana, and Dalton. Although Dalton’s face was largely concealed by his hoodie, the two could be seen slow dancing near the end of

the video, and excuse me while I melt into a freaking puddle. As if we didn’t already suspect it, we knew that Dalton was a keeper when he confirmed that he is serious “Boyfriends of Instagram” material during the time Ari was doing promo for her and Lady Gaga’s collab “Rain On Me.” Dalton made his first official Instagram debut on Ariana’s Instagram story, as

he helped her out by spraying her with water in the bathtub. She captioned the hilarious behind-the-scenes shot with the heart-faced emoji, and later shared the finished product where her man really did make it rain. On a more serious note, one important aspect of a relationship is when two people share the same morals. Back in May around the time of the Black Lives Matter protests, Ari, Dalton and her close friend Doug Middlebrook documented their part in marching in the protests together.  The threesome made their own “Black Lives Matter” signs and marched through the streets of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, and I don’t know about you guys, but protesting social justice for the betterment of the

future of this world deems as much more official than saying “I love you” in my book. Just sayin’. The following month, Dalton shared the sweetest birthday tribute in honor of Ariana’s 27th birthday. Just a day after Ari shared the couple’s first public selfie together, she posted photos of the two packing on the PDA from her Midsommar-themed birthday

party. And by the looks of it, Dalton and Ari’s close friend and music video director Alfredo Flores went in on a sweet gift of framing each of her dogs… one love language I can definitely get behind.  But it seems Ari returned the favor when it

came time to celebrate Dalton’s special day in August, when she dedicated an entire slideshow of cute, couple-y photos to him, calling him “my baby, my best friend, my fav part of all the days.”
 And clearly these two have the same sense of

humor because if you made it to the end of the slideshow, you would’ve noticed this monstrosity of a mashup of what Ari and Dalton’s kids would look like… gotta love the Internet. Another sweet moment shared between Ari and Dalton came during the 2020 MTV VMAs as he walked with her hand-in-hand backstage just minutes before her performance with

Lady Gaga. Ari shared another slideshow of photos from the big event, and in the last shot was a picture-perfect representation of the love and support she’s received from her man over the past year.  Dalton also shared the photo in black-and-white to his own Instagram page, with a simple heart emoji to sum up all his feels. 
 And finally, just as fans

have been waiting patiently for Ari to drop her sixth studio album, Positions, she debuted even more insight into their relationship on the night of the album’s release last Thursday. Not only did the lyrics to her songs reveal that Ari is loved-up, but she shared a sweet video last week giving Dalton a kiss as her close friends celebrated her major milestone:  I

think this goes without saying, but this girl seriously deserves all the love and success she’s manifested “just like magic” and waited for after enduring so much hardship in the past. We couldn’t possibly be more happy for Ari and Dalton, but something tells us this is just the beginning of their love story.

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