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Antony Blinken: Joe Biden’s pick for US Secretary of State

Antony Blinken: Joe Biden’s pick for US Secretary of State

anthony blinken is president-elect joe biden’s pick for the post of u.s secretary of state he is one of the most seasoned politicians in biden’s most trusted aides blinken served as deputy national security adviser in obama’s administration as the future u.s secretary of state he is likely to overhaul trump’s foreign policy those familiar with lincoln’s management style call him a diplomats diplomat the next report by veon’s

broadcast partner voice of america tells you more iran made a fundamental choice anthony blinken served as deputy secretary of state during the former obama biden administration and has been advising president-elect joe biden since 2002 he graduated from high school in paris

france and is a strong supporter of nato and other alliances and multilateral institutions lincoln led the u.s response to a global refugee crisis and in 2016 he appeared on the american children’s show sesame street to explain who refugees are and how we can all learn from each other these are people who’ve had to leave their homes because life in their countries was not safe for them grover can you imagine how difficult it

would be to have to leave your home no i cannot i would never want to leave sesame street some analysts say lincoln’s first priority will be to repair relationships and rejoin agreements president donald trump quit like the iran nuclear deal and others i think his first and most major priority will be restoring the perception of the united states as a trusted ally and partner around the world uh i think he’s going to want to

shore up relationships that were damaged essentially you know the mantras were back um you know re-enter the united states uh into the climate the paris climate accords you know trying to find a way potentially to extend the new start agreement in another announcement

veteran diplomat linda thomas greenfield is biden’s choice to be the next u.s ambassador to the united nations but what i did have i had the hopes and the dreams of my mother who taught me at a very early age that i could face any challenge or adversity put in my path if confirmed by the senate lincoln would assume state department leadership from mike pompeo who has served as secretary of state since april 2018.

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