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Angelika Dela Cruz and husband Orion Casareo celebrate 16th anniversary

Angelika Dela Cruz and husband Orion Casareo celebrate 16th anniversary

Angelika and Orion Casareo have been married for 16 years. They met in high school, where they both attended Angelina Intermediate School located on Lopez Jaena Street corner Mert First Avenue of Barangay Poblacion Tubigon-Lanuza (Davao Oriental), Philippines.
“We were classmates then we became friends,” shared Dela Cruz to reporters during an interview at their home last month while celebrating their anniversary with family members around them including children who are now grown up but still living at home due partly by choice as well because economic conditions aren’t so good that requires money earning capacity which means someone should work while others don’t contribute anything except just spending

In this 16th anniversary, Angelika and OrionCasareo celebrate their love with family. They are grateful for the sacrifices that each made in order to make it happen!
The DelaCruz couple has been through a lot over these years–from pregnancy losses, illness (including cancer), failed marriages; but now they’re stronger than ever as Heroes who’ve learned from failure’s teaches.
This year too will be memorable: There is an exciting trip planned back home where friends/family can join them at any time during celebration week if so desired just like how fate had brought together all those present when duty called up north once more last December 25

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