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Ana de Armas And Ben Affleck Are Couple Goals

this year hasn’t been all bad we got a brand new it couple anna deardamus and ben affleck the picture-perfect couple met on the set of deep water and have been inseparable ever since the a-list couple spent their first thanksgiving together which is a big step for the pair who we learned were dating in march they met while working together in new orleans last year and it looks like they’ve been making major

relationship moves ever since while the couple have not yet publicly confirmed their relationship they have been seen out and about showing an increasing amount of pda they are always smiling hugging and kissing when cameras are around and we are here for it they both seem happy with each other’s company so much so it’s contagious ben has gone through his ups and downs with relationships in the past we talk

privately about how committed we are to our marriage yes right see that and anna likes to remain private when it comes to matters of the heart but actions speak louder than words and these two seem attached at the hip ben and anna play husband and wife in the upcoming psychological thriller deep water which led to their whirlwind romance it’s reported that they kept it totally professional on set but after

rapping they jumped into a relationship in real life and even vacationed in cuba and costa rica together before finding each other falling in love and taking beach vacations to die for the two were both married to other people ben affleck was previously married to actress jennifer

garner who he also met on set the two starred in pearl harbor which shot in 2000. they got married in 2005 and had three kids together publicly their marriage was perfect they looked loving and were always smiling on red carpets and laughing together ben even thanked

jennifer, when he won his golden globe in 2013 saying i adore you i love you you’re my everything unfortunately in 2015 the pair announced that they would be divorcing saying we go forward with love and friendship for one another and a commitment to co-parenting in 2018 they officially divorced ben had struggled with addiction and mental health issues and has said that the divorce helped, open his eyes earlier this

year he told the new york times that his divorce from jennifer garner was the biggest regret of his life in the same interview he said i have

certainly done things that i regret but you’ve got to pick yourself up learn from it learn some more and try to move forward on the other hand anna was married to actor mark clautet from 2011 to 2013. she hasn’t spoken out publicly about their marriage and remains very private

about her relationships so there’s not a lot of information about why the two called it quits anna is reportedly still friends with her ex-husband and there’s no bad blood between the two if you’re wondering where you’ve heard mark klotet’s name before he most recently was

featured in the netflix series the hockey girls where he plays the coach for an all girls hockey team while anna remains private about her love life she’s not afraid to post on social media and ben has popped up quite a few times since we learned about the brand new relationship in

march while ben still doesn’t follow anna on instagram we can’t let that cloud the situation because instagram just isn’t real life these two just can’t seem to keep their hands off of each other from walking the dogs to exploring international beaches to snapping the perfect selfies they

look absolutely perfect together a source told people they had great chemistry right from the start adding that anna always greets people with a smile and never complains the source described the actress as very calm with a sweet personality anna is also described as beautiful inside and out so it’s no wonder ben fell head over heels for her earlier this year ben opened up about years of battling addiction and his decision to

be sober he said in an interview with diane sawyer that he really wanted to have a healthy stable loving committed relationship how important it is for me to be sober now during these formative years for my kids when he was asked to look five years into his future he said he

saw a life full of happiness with his kids and a future partner was he talking about anna it sounds like it because she moved into his la mansion in september and the couple were recently photographed walking ben’s dogs with his kids while it feels like a whirlwind romance to

all of us watching it unfold ben and anna have had a long time to get to know each other and fall in love with each other since they met last year and have even been quarantining together while they have not yet publicly confirmed their relationship it’s pretty obvious they’re dating

while on set of deep water a source said they kept their relationship professional and private but in march when filming stopped the two took off on some beautiful vacations and showed off their love to the world the two were spotted together in havana cuba earlier this year anna

who is spanish and cuban reportedly acted as ben’s tour guide while they were on vacation a source said that ben looked like he loved the trip and the two were in great moods and really friendly even stopping to take photos with fans ben even spoke spanish to anna while they were traveling while it seemed the two would have liked to keep their relationship a little more under wraps they were spotted kissing at the

airport when their trip was over they just can’t keep their hands off each other cuban beaches weren’t the only ones the inseparable couple hit

this year people and pop sugar published photos of the lovebirds hanging out in costa rica in a series of pictures ben is seen kissing anna and snapping photos of her while they walk the brunette bombshell even posted one of the photos ben took of her to instagram ben playfully

commented photo credit please they say you know it’s serious when he can be your instagram boyfriend and it looks like ben is filling that role quite nicely a source told us weekly that ben is so sweet to anna and does whatever he can to make her happy the source said she can say

anything lunch trips etc and he will make it happen the couple even went on a double date with matt damon ben’s best friend and his wife luciana barroso need more proof that these two are the perfect couple when ben turned 48 in august anna surprised him with his own

custom bmw motorcycle the two have been spotted taking the bike out for rides all over la we’re in the middle of the holiday season a season that could make or break new couples but it looks like the festive season is only making ben and anna’s relationship stronger the two spent

their first thanksgiving together in la at ben’s home they were joined by ben’s three children violet seraphina and samuel a source told people that everyone seemed very happy over thanksgiving and ben and anna seem great a source told hollywoodlife that anna has no problem

bonding with ben’s kids and gets along great with them while the relationship is still new the source said that most people are drawn to on a sweet nature and it was no different for ben’s kids ben is known for being a great co-parent with jennifer garner and it’s reported that ben

discussed the idea of introducing the kids to anna with jennifer first the source said in the same interview that jennifer can see that anna means a lot to ben and she is a real positive influence in his life but i don’t mind i’m not complaining another source even said that jennifer is

impressed with ben’s relationship with anna and thinks he’s on the right path with his health next up is christmas ben usually spends christmas with jennifer garner and their three children in montana we wonder if ben and anna will continue this tradition this year as a

couple that would certainly be a significant event for their relationship it seems like this couple has a bond that only gets stronger and stronger and we can’t wait to see how their love blossoms after having relationships that didn’t work out it seems like these two have found a stable and loving partner in one another their movie deep water comes out in 2021

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