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Amber Heard , Johnny Depp. Secret Details From Divorce Process Revealed

Amber Heard , Johnny Depp. Secret Details From Divorce Process Revealed

After their divorce, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have been sharing details about the process of getting a divorced. They revealed that if both parties agree on mediation or collaborative law then there is no need for expensive lawyers in order to make it happen.
Amber announced this information when she filed legal papers against her estranged husband last week after he failed to respond by deadlines so they could discuss terms like child support payments while acknowledging how cooperative each party has tried being throughout negotiations thus far given all circumstances around them as well- specifically including ongoing surgeries which require more time away from work coupled with prenuptial agreements between themselves before tying knots back together again following wedding bells not ringing out quite yet

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been going through a difficult divorce process. They are both fighting for custody of their two children, but it seems that they may be coming closer together on how to deal with things moving forward in order to do what is best for them as parents rather then focusing so much attention on themselves at this point – which I think would make anyone happy!

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