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Alex Trebek Was ‘Sharp And Perfect As Ever’ Filming Last Episode Of ‘Jeopardy’

Alex Trebek Was ‘Sharp And Perfect As Ever’ Filming Last Episode Of ‘Jeopardy’

he was so caring he was so interested in what other people were doing one of our cameramen ray has been on the show for over 30 years he was telling the story about watching his daughter play softball at a at a party and alex came over and was watching and cheering as if it was his daughter and that’s just who he was he really actually fundamentally cared about people talk to me about what alex was like on his last day at work so he had not been feeling well he had had a

surgery uh we weren’t sure if he was going to be able to even shoot those episodes and he was very firm with me and said oh no i’ll be there and you know he didn’t he didn’t feel great but then boy once that camera rolled it was as good a performance from him as he’s ever done he was as sharp and perfect as ever on his last day which was the 29th i believe

did you know that this was going to be his last show did anybody know we didn’t have any idea and alex didn’t have any idea that that would be his last show there was something looking back on it now that was in the air i don’t know what it was he came out and gave an amazing speech on the on the first show of the week on the monday show that had us all in

tears we all burst into applause which is not something that happens on the show and it was one of those days so looking back it was everything i think we could have hoped for but no one actually knew totally and um when was he supposed to be back for taping well we were supposed to be taping today uh today and tomorrow those were our our days back um on i spoke to him on tw last tuesday and he goes well i don’t know if i’m going to be able to go but if i can i’ll be there and i

said great we’ll be ready um and you just tell us when you want to be here and then as as late as friday he was talking about well i’m probably not going to tape this monday and tuesday but the following week what is that the 16th and the

17th i’ll look at that and we said okay that’s how determined he was no totally um and i know um you guys kind of had to uh reconfigure everything so what are you guys going to be airing tonight so tonight is just a regular jeopardy episode he has 35 shot episodes that we’re going to air from now until his final episode is actually christmas day which again is

perfect because he was a gift um and so tonight it just has a short message from me um talking about how great he was the show and that we are going to air these episodes because that’s what he wanted that’s what he told us to do and that’s what we’re gonna do totally um do you guys have any plans for a tribute show at all or like a memorial show or anything

along those lines there isn’t a plan for that abc actually aired something last night that was i what we all kind of looked at as uh the tribute show with the footage and the all of the interviews and everything um so you know our way of honoring him is to air the shows that he worked so hard through enormous pain to host we’re gonna put those out and promote

those and make sure that everybody gets to see him at at the absolute top of his game totally he deserves that for sure um and what was when was your last private conversation with alex did you get to talk to him the day before at all no i i talked to him the tuesday before um he passed and that was when he said you know i’m not so sure about next monday

and tuesday he was it was a very soulful alex conversations a lot of our conversations were very nuts and bolts and and he was very interested in talking about the pandemic the the how much of an effect that was having on people um he was very concerned with how the staff and the crew were doing working from home dealing with their kids in school at their

houses all of the things and and that’s what we were talking about we weren’t talking about him or all of his struggles and obviously he was going through an enormous amount he was asking about my kids and how they were doing did i think that other people were doing okay is there something else we should be doing for the staff and the crew that’s where his mind was i did communicate with him over an email on saturday telling him that i didn’t know if it would get to him and i

you know i didn’t know what state he was in at that point we knew he was struggling and i just said i want to thank you for showing me uh how to be a better man at work and more importantly for being even a better man with my family um and um i am told i got a thank you and that’s beautiful and then you know the thumbs up um and uh and so that i’ll

treasure that memory but i think it’s really important that everyone here has a memory like that with alex do you have a favorite and it’s talking about stories like you you just brought it up do you have a favorite story with alex my favorite moment with alex has actually nothing to do with the show i was at his house sitting at his home office we were

discussing plans for the show and gene his wife walked in and the world stopped it was like a high school boy was seeing his high school sweetheart and they just looked at each other and there was just so much love it was so cute and unabashed and for this man who we know is maybe a little bit more staid it was just an amazing moment and kind of summed up everything you need to know about him he was not only great at hosting the show we all know that but he

was even better as a man which is much more important absolutely and speaking of his wife um i know Nikki worked on set but did gene and the other kids come to visit him a lot you know i think they came to the set i they came less as he you know as they got older and they got busier with their lives but they were definitely a part of our family here and um you know they’ll always be a part of our family and i know that they were very proud of what he did and how he

conducted himself definitely i agree um and have you spoken with gene and the kids are they i haven’t i haven’t spoken uh with jean or the kids i’ve kind of give them space um i know what you know a number of people we were talking earlier this morning here have emailed her um you know i think she’s very sad um it’s a very difficult reality and i think

because he was so great it makes it even harder but i know that he had a great for him last day he was surrounded by his family he was his best friend was there he got to sit on the swing with gene

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