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After a long wait .. Witness to London Fashion Week

After a long wait .. Witness to London Fashion Week

The weather was perfect, and I finally got to see the LFW show.
The London Fashion Week shows are always exciting; this year’s collection of designers had some great designs on display that were very different from what you normally expect in a runway setting

Finally, it’s time to witness London Fashion Week! The hype has been building up for weeks and now you can watch all the runway shows in one place. You’ll find everything from high-end designers like Dior and Gucci down under budget options such as H&M or Mango at this event so there is something for everyone

The sun was shining brightly as I waited for the next London Fashion Week show to start. The usually crowded streets were eerily silent, with only an occasional car audible over its radio’s static noise Tonight there would be no catwalk disasters or fashion faux pas – just pure designer inspiration delivered right before my eyes

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