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Adele, Rebel Wilson & More Stars’ 2020 Transformations

Adele, Rebel Wilson & More Stars’ 2020 Transformations

i credit my brother so much for my my transformation i couldn’t have done it without him kelly recently revealed she had gastric bypass sleeve surgery two years ago but her transformation actually began after she hit what she calls a spiritual low from drinking and she called her brother jack for help tell me about the phone call you made to jack jack had texted me saying i know what’s going on when you’re ready call me i’m here and i was like excuse my language you you know but inside i was like he’s right i’m dying i waited a month and then i called him and she like burst into tears it was like i want to be a skinny winner i was so drunk i was like okay well i’ll come get you and we’ll figure this out now three years sober

kelly seems happier than ever but maintaining her weight loss is hard work she said the surgery curtails emotional overeating but she has to eat right and work out otherwise the weight will come back i am still a bit like because i think i will always be that insecure fat girl who a little unsure but you know what now i’m having fun with it i don’t want to be like a model i probably just get bigger rather than smaller adele was a bit off with that prediction in 2008 she shook up social media in may after sharing this photo revealing her 100 pound weight loss and the grammy winner just poked fun of all the frenzy on snl because of all the kobe restrictions and the travel bans i had to travel light and only bring half of me reportedly adele’s fitness routine includes pilates and she follows a meal plan based on the book cert food diet rebel

wilson looking fit after losing 40 pounds in january she vowed to make this the year of health and she’s chronicled her journey ever since she’s cut out junk food and has been super active going on hikes and hitting the gym i feel so much stronger i feel so much healthier i definitely was not going into this to lose weight to get into some great dress that i had marissa jarrett winokur known for her tony winning role in hairspray did show off her 50 pound weight loss in a patriotic bikini top when cobid started they would put out are you overweight do you have pre-existing conditions have you had

cancer or asthma and i was like check check check the only thing i can do is try to get off the high risk for being too overweight my exercise routine it’s pretty intense i basically walk or run three three miles then i work out an hour with keith anthony on a zoom classes i do that five days a week and marissa made a major change with her diet before the mom of one would often eat out or get takeout but now she cooks at home it’s funny because as my food changes i’m like oh i don’t have as much asthma i miss the chips i’m not gonna lie i’m not drinking any of my calories never ever drink your calories

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