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About Us

All news recorder is a site where you will find news from all over the world. We are working 24/7 to provide our audience updates about what is going on all over the world. We are working on every topic like updates on politics, the entertainment world, sports, trendy and viral news, and almost everything our viewers love to watch.

We aim to keep its viewers stay updated and informed all the time. We deeply go into the heart of each story to tell people what the real truth is. It doesn’t matter; it’s local or international news because we are working on levels.

Besides every news and update, news recorders are destined to offer their audience a wide range of topics, like finance, business, fashion, politics, stock market, and weather updates. Every day comes up with new stories, and we are deemed to provide unbiased news to our viewers.

Our Aim

Our objective is to offer news to viewers ethically and responsibly. Every minute has its own update and news, and we are working at every moment to keep our people stay upgrade and alert all the time.