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Man Shot in Olympia as Opposing Political Groups Rally

A man was shot in the hip and chest at an Olympia rally held by opposing political groups. The victim is expected to survive his injuries, while two suspects were arrested for attempted murder on Friday night.

A shooting occurred outside of the State Capitol building during a pro-Trump Rally that began around 7:30 pm local time with about half as many people attending than counter protesters across from them chanting anti Trump slogans like “No KKK! No Fascist USA!” A bystander quickly intervened when he saw one person pull out a gun and start firing shots into another individual who had been arguing with him before taking cover behind police tape alongside others including children protesting peacefully against white supremacists beliefs. Two men have since been detained after being identified through security footage taken

An unidentified man was shot today in Olympia, Washington as dueling rallies took place. A group of protestors with Patriot Prayer had gathered for a free speech rally when anti-fascist counterprotestors began throwing rocks and water bottles into the crowd; some even fired fireworks at police officers before one protester opened fire on an uninvolved person near bystanders resulting in non life threatening injuries to their leg.

An unnamed man was injured this morning during clashes between opposing political groups rallying outside of The Evergreen State College campus grounds where right wing protestor Joey Gibson organized his “Patriot Prayers” event through Facebook which drew over 200 people including members from local militias who carried rifles while others wore helmets and body armor emblazoned with American flags held sticks

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