Trump holds a ‘Make America Great Again Victory Rally’ in Butler, Pennsylvania

Trump holds a 'Make America Great Again Victory Rally' in Butler, Pennsylvania

Trump holds a ‘Make America Great Again Victory Rally’ in Butler, Pennsylvania

The tennessee. Thank you very much. Hello yeah. Do the same thing we did four years ago and i have a feeling this. Three days. We’re going to win the commonwealth of pennsylvania we are going to wait. For this. With your support we will continue to bring back your jobs cut your taxes cut regulations that ensure more products are standard very proudly with that wonderful term made in the usa. Next year will be the greatest economic year in the history of our country so what happened the other day. Reporter g. G. P. Thirty three forty one. This. People says one of the biggest moment for our

country economically. Florida’s. A. This. Judge. Jobs in china where they have a lot of money. Raise your taxes four trillion dollars and your stated a deep. And janice offered depression this was gonna happen generation. Is the only man i’ve ever seen. We will raise your all my life i’ve seen you guys. Usability politics’s have never seen it would say whether is that’s just people get a raise your taxes as well as fact that was the thing. Ten for years then he came to pennsylvania this and we have a million jobs. What will the fraction but people won’t let him his bosses won’t let him. Biden is vowed to

abolish the entire u. S. Oil industry. No fracking mining. So he in the- you know where to do so. Your peak hours. Yes prices you like. About five dollars six dollars seven dollars darling let’s sell records live with two large is get a copy. Biden as planned is an economic death sentence for pennsylvania. He will out. For interrogation your grades he cannot be a degraded you you’ve ever had last year now next you gonna have the best this happens with the taxes and with the fracking are you going to have a real problem. In pennsylvania. Kamilla harris. Exactly right he very with. Great vice

president- very. Madly in that debate good news. By far the most liberal senator in the u. S. Senate track to bernie sanders is likely conservative like a press. Even sponsored the green new deal that’s another beauty in agreement. But i have great news for pennsylvania so this just happened this is like breaking news are you ready for breaking. We have to protect. Moments ago i signed in order to protect pennsylvania fracking. Two years. The words you use one of these maniacs come along and they say we’re gonna hand fracking with the destroy the commonwealth of pennsylvania you can say

sorry about that you are just a side on the beautiful marine. One do you see here all right. All. So i did and other very honored to have done it so we’re protections are now if they say we’re going to do this or that let’s just say they can have a long five pennsylvania. This in the marcellus shale contributes forty five billion dollars to your local economy actually. Forty nobody said officials told for what a year right he’s on the stage with the super liberals at like twenty seven of them we only had seventy running for the republican you remember seventy plus one i was the one. And they say that he doesn’t really to just won seven good time noel. And by the way you consider. Time. Okay let me ask you is there a better.

To be. Any anywhere than a trump rally right. President should has done more in the first three and a half years with tax regulation cuts in rebuilding our military and help. And all of the things we’ve done therefore i have a good time. Finding it very nasty say. And if we win and then we’re going to i think you know i don’t know if you see what’s going on florida rule it’s looking very good. They’re very concerned to say what’s going on in florida will of florida. We get a lot of folks down there this is based on polling you know bowling with a senate see. What we can to get him in today. Let’s put him down like. Suppress analysis of radar the are actually coming we’re looking good in a place called pennsylvania but don’t.

Numbers very very good. But you know when you select is honestly the this is my third. I have a four one. I have a four. I see i got to speak in front of. Twenty five thousand. Make sure you get a. Oil and natural gas imports one million pennsylvania joe so when slow jones that is. Of course can you but. You know it’s on real it is one of the state’s top that such what is energy here top or one of job exports year biggest the thing you do is joe biden election she will can or- and you know that he’s going to. Terminate frank had better terminated your energy into us and every job because they want to go to win you know they want to get they don’t even want honestly i don’t think anyone energy very close down every

factory. I don’t think they want anything i don’t think you have any idea what they want i know. Joe this is for a fast. Please only shot okay. Please the new sunglass. S. As they should be a little larger. Members of those. Is new. This is a to ban fracking ban mining and completely destroyed transylvanians. Vote for me is a vote to remain. The strongest economy. And our economy is now growing at the fastest rate ever recorded that was the thirty three point 1% the figures as a one of. The nations of the world. In the past five months we’ve created a record eleven point four. Million american jobs nobody is sweet. We’ve never done it you know what we bill such as strong. We had the greatest economy in the

history of our country and we have to play with the plague coming from china. And we had a close it up for a little while and we close it up and then but the foundation was so strong and that’s why. I refused to order production housing production the numbers are through the roof. Many of the numbers are bigger and better did you know this by kelly. The numbers are bigger and better than they were before the plague came in. Okay it’s pretty amazing. This is the foundation. Mr they should be just a opposite we would have been in trouble and again fast than any other nation while firing nations are in a total free for all we’re creating the world’s greatest economic powerhouses as well we’re doing we’re going to have a greater year next year i mean unless somebody comes in quadruples your taxes will raise taxes. Re gallup poll the survey she just came out. Found that fifty six per. Of americans say they’re better off today than they were four years ago. The.

During the pandemic and all around the corner but that’s during a pandemic think of that. Biden thank you whether he’s well he’s got abbas. That he can’t even see. Instead you get a see the head of the people. There’s a lot of people. To save your steel jobs i imposed historic. Donald steele remember they were dumping china’s dumping steel all over the place i said he w. Still we. Descended through other countries we didn’t do it. Would say had a country do it they don’t have a steel mill. It’ll make the product. We came through we. One what they don’t do this don’t happen to do this we save one thousand four hundred jobs as aj she’ll. That was. That’s great i love this biden removes all the charities undertake. They pay is tens of billions of dollars here we never got a chance as from china. John has done more to her car country years and years they take out hundreds of billions of dollars millions millions is a lot hundreds of billions of dollars did five

hundred and seventy billion dollars came got sucked out of our country. And then on top of it we have the pandemic which they could have stopped they stopped it from going into the rest of china we think we think. You know the very secretive have you ever heard the- if than a- they talk about yes year’s- one person passed away in china. Now they had they had a baby and they had a big problem too but they could have stopped it instead one out to europe. The us and the rest of the world hundred eighty eight characters. So is that really so. July issues because- biden will close down eighty case deal how do you feel about being closed. Yeah that’s what happens joe biden is a die hard globalist who spent the last

forty seven years outsourcing your jobs opening your borders and sacrificing american blood and treasure. In an endless foreign wars in countries that most of you have never even heard of. Biden is a washington vulture who decimated your steel mills annihilated you’re called jobs that’s for sure and supported every disaster sellout radio for half a century. Biden was a cheerleader for nafta the worst trade deal ever made. And for china’s entry into the world trade organization where they are considered. At a level where they get all the advantages we don’t get the advantages they’re considered a

developing nation i said no no you’re not going to be a developing nation. We’re a developing nation is if you’re developing nation you get all of the advantages and we were treated very badly and we said look we’re gonna have to talk about this. Called out of the world health organization. So we have three and twenty five million people china has one point five billion people right we pay five hundred million dollars a year they paid thirty nine million dollars a year. In addition to that they had guys and for this i give them credit but they had guys that practically ran the place in. So that hang thirty nine and we’re paying five hundred and we have a smaller population but we have a stronger economy. And we were beating them. All of our for the last ten years anybody in business you heard twenty nineteen china will surpass the united states in the economy. The china was going to be a bigger economy than twenty nineteen twenty nineteen and. Then i came along and we were. This never going to get into the play but now we’re- we get a back into you know i talked about a v. In the fake news said. So super v. Thank you. We have a super v. Hits even better they also will be a v. Have no idea what the hell they’re talking. I want to make it as bad as possible but it says super v. That’s what’s going to happen

and the big thing in the election if we win and you’re gonna see a stock market that was we have a headwind and the headwind is one election. Advised never got in and you’ll go i mean can you imagine a quadrupling everyone’s taxes and all of the regulations put back on and i’m a believer in regulation but not. Where take you twenty years to build a highway. Not we’re down by the way we’re down to two years we’re gonna get it down to one and it may get rejected and if it does that’s fine for safety reasons for environmental reasons something but he didn’t know in a year. And you get to be able to build the highway and does so much you have no idea we had done. You are. So lucky and your press. You we take. We take it is beautiful journey together it is it’s an amazing but we’ve accomplished so much at every turn biden twisted his knife into the backs of pennsylvania workers. When sleepy joe biden was giving china your job his family was raking

in millions and millions. Of dollars chinese. Joe biden is a corrupt politician and you see what’s happened. And they don’t like see what they’ll do is. They don’t want any of that to get out because we’ve learned a lot about. The media they don’t let any of this get a they don’t want any of it together. Nobody knew this we have learned more in the last two weeks about. The media and about the tech giants big tech. We’ve learned a lot. We learned a lot but you know what the word spreads is very hard for them to take a look at this the word spread. Biden wins john owens when we when america wins and we produced. Two thousand sixteen. Voted to fire this corrupt political establishment a new elected an outsider is a president who is finally putting america first. A typical washington politicians because additional. These guys like. If i

don’t always play by the rules of washington and the washington establishment is because i was elected to fight for you and i fight harder for you. As. You’re running against joe biden i’m running against a left wing media the big tech giants. The rhinos. Right now is republican in name only we know too many of them right. They’re a dying breed. Thank you. I used to make so much money and now they’re they’re reduced to doing other things that are like us too much but that’s okay so it’s supposed to be and the washington swamp draining the swamp was very. On tuesday november third you can send them a message that they will never forget. You don’t have to take my word. The trials so what i do for a very special states like pennsylvania. What i do is would produce a video. Take a look gives an extensive video. Track i didn’t show the change put it on your website. On the website. Would there be any place for fossil fuels including coal and fracking in a

biden administration. No we would we would work it out make sure it’s a limited. Sponsored more more no no fracking i gradually move away from fracking and i think it’s critically important on day one that we and any fossil fuel leases on public lands. This question i’m in favor of banning fracked. I have one final. All the would you close in on the other transition from rural ministry yes all. That is our biggest losers that’s the biggest. Industry we have any number that was okay member that bends. We have to come together that’s why i’m running. I’m running as a democrat for the senate song. Can somebody tell joe by the way it’s not a real website and joe you’re running for president not senator and by the way that senator the mormon guy is mins romney naxal mormon governor now sadly what we showed you that’s just

from a couple hours today because every time that joe actually leaves the basement bunker and stays out pass ten eight am well disaster ensues here’s a quick reminder. Mar server’s. And i want to thank you all. I tell you what i’m russia the head on. We. You know the thing to green was. Joe three. Three three full weeks over fast play the radio make sure the television features make sure you have a record player on. The phone make sure the kids here words for changing just as bright in justice house white kids from. Texas this. The. This is scary by the way these are way beyond in the case can

gaffe and i am well more than a little worried that this man could represent a clear and present danger to this country he’s obviously not capable of leading. He’s been hiding the entire campaign and the corrupt media mob is covering for him joe wants to be the president of the united states of america that would be the toughest job in the world in a times joe doesn’t seem to remember that is even running for president. For what state he’s in a what day of the week it is does anyone really believe that if elected the joe biden will actually be in control of anything what kind of country movie foreigners in georgia. Georgia any ongoing. Find ourselves in a position where. Trump has a lot the we’re going to be a going to be a different way. The strategy. This. Three people still i need. One man for the kids. Units you look familiar. She. Thank you. Is this election is a choice between a biden depression which is what will happen four eighty from home there’s going to

be able it’s a choice between a deadly biden locked down and by the way governor. Open up the state of. Schools. For same sex scene that ends the and- mike is sending anyway but we have the greatest companies in the world and we’re literally weeks away and we’re going to mass distribute the vaccine and just a little while we have our great military doing it and they are set to do this they’re going to do it so quickly who will eradicate more quickly the virus wiped out the china played once and for all and it’s back to work back. To work which is what we want you know. We. One let’s go back senate months hello. Biden will cnn opposing. Did you want to look at the his. Tell tell them what to do we’ll do whatever ask

even the other americans the lowest like. Fourteen years old sir. Two soldiers deposit by said for what. He said. He’s got. Like i said he’s got the caesar is got covid. It’s always for he’s very tall. You know better and right very tall but he strong and i yes like twelve mins house doing sir she’s. Five is it wasn’t long. This i say get the kids back to school get a. What did you. The you see the debate. A lot of people watching that was good that was good we did a good job of explosives like cory mason you know the whole thing about the oral surgeon let’s talk about this. We’re just about ready to go. Even she she looked christie walker’s to spare. She wasn’t supposed to be she was fair. She loved. Him when he’s made a statement about yeah we’re going to transition out of oil we’re going to transition out of. This out of the fracking. And she said why did you say that. Even generally and everything’s going badly and i did it i did it it was it was. She did you mean while.

The transition okay what did you say and i just hope you people were listening okay. The down will result in countless. Deaths from suicide drug overdose deferred care. All sorts of abuse sorts of problems the cure never be worse remember of saying it from the beginning then the problem itself can’t do that he will imprison you in your home leading riders roam free you know we call this a protest because- the only way you can meet is if you have a protests they didn’t they weren’t expecting this kind of a protesters. You know if you want to go to church. You want to go to church you can’t if you want to burn down the stores and run down the main street. Not people over and do whatever you want to do that’s okay because they want to make sure that they can protests not with me under biden there will be no. No graduation no

weddings no thanksgiving. Christmas no. For other than that you have a wonderful life. We’ve got a great future we have more potential in this country he made a mistake that i watch. For those dates ten people and a bomb again but another gender whether they have held five. For years i can couple horns and most of the horns are like trump are people. Did you see. He called it would to go monthly people or something that was terrible should says politically correct he’s been in this business a long time forty seven years you should be said that most of the noises are people it’s like this is similar you know history. There’s never been a movement like this there really hasn’t. Been anything like this. The fake news 96% ago says think of it. Because you’re smart the smartest people you you get it. Have them against all their heads are exploding

as a friend of ours was set. If you are a vaccine to kill the virus two jobs to support your great family and freedom to live your life then i am asking you. To vote for republican vote across. Let’s keep it going. We have more potential biden said today he said there’s never been a better time to run there’s never been a better time to run this country this country is in great shape and i’m say women she has. Supposedly say. Sort of a strange. Anybody picked up i’m sure they did they would mention it. However i did it’s a disaster i have to watch every word. Even pronunciation. If you pronounce a word slightly you need to talk and for five days one words like all. These people are the worst joining us today are the opposite

of the worst the warriors and they’ve been with me from the beginning. One ninety seven did nothing with the face. Steve liesman over a phone call hello congratulations on winning. She produce any corruption please reporter to the attorney general of the united states because a lot of corruption in ukraine. They said it should be for that. That one a disgrace others one that a disgrace. The time wasted the time wasted. But we have some people that is working with me and one other things to do and we haven’t lost we haven’t lost yet we’ll start with a man who is greatly respected by everybody in washington and here and loved by this entire state congressman mike kelly. The warrior. Gretchen koehler. One one. To

be very nice to a lot of people guy that’s very good thank you. Great help. And another congressman gt thompson. Thank you great job the warriors they really are incredible and we want to give you a couple of teaching it would get you a couple of other wars you mind getting rational candidates luke negron. Very well let’s go and get get him and get these people out dancy pelo see crowd out race. Please get a represent your values. Another one is going to be an absolute star running against a lamb little lamb. This guy is- he’s been tastic other you have to see his record he’s a hero he’s a hero he’s a star. I’m even tweeting them all the time i say he’s got a- six around and played around with the district now they’re having a problem with ballots say seven. Thousands of ballots out and they were wrong so they said oh don’t worry about it just

sentiments they will you know when they’ll senate june elections commission. Social it’s got to be careful but your. A star shorn shown. He. I don’t know this is interesting showed to a played football for the great into holes who’s a friend of mine where is loopholes. This is. It was a great great great guy and he’s an inspiration to a lot of people. He just lost his incredible and how many years. Did nine years fifty nine that’s that’s what on that would be able to top your- body had a great wife who is really brave and what she went through and- he’s getting to the presidential medal of freedom for just. To be here. This crowded surges in the be more tremendous. Yeah to say is. Ask yourself if to show up- initiate and why

for what happened president trump and shown up in the year two thousand sixteen and what is. Great. Your show- on november thirty before then to make sure that discontent three educators. Public and democratic right versus wrong good for today. Thank. He’s a great man. We’re also joined by many members of uaw local thirty three oh three where are you. Thank you for. Much greater we have so many endorsements from so many but we have almost every law enforcement group is addressing. So who’s with law enforcement. The sheriff’s law oklahoma texas louisiana new york’s finest enjoys first time they’ve ever endorsed indoors a presidential candidate so it’s been great chicago can you imagine chicago the police police in chicago they have a hard time they have people that won’t let them do their job. They just

won’t let them do their job would you see if you know when you see the new york staska way of chicago yeah and then portland we want to go into portland so badly check out the anarchists. Will take us about twenty five minutes. So what happened in india. You know after we get half they could have call. You could call it a little quicker like. About an hour. But remember the c. N. N. Left the light to light it was goes off whatever. Is the ratings are that good so stuff like illicit. Remember that does a little shave. I was thinking about doing it but- i wanted to remain you press. No shade it goes alley voucher right legal chin i don’t even know the alleys and just have a good memory i live i’m sure. This is a- test. My roxy’s. This is one to see such a peaceful protest. And behind you have a that burning. It’s blocks long never seen. I always. Berlin in the worst day of the war and he say this is a peaceful protest well this is a peaceful protest. So did you. Jack black americans you call them super predators who use the term super brothers. He’s not a good person. You know because

some people dillamond primetime this is no longer prime time that we shot some people movement dr john he’s done and frankly if it were i would never say the things they say about it but is not a good person. I signed the landmark criminal justice reform and in the second term will continue fighting for african americans like never before and i appreciate the support and i’m getting in the election. I really appreciate. Americans are dreamers. Americans support winning and in florida you to see going on here that it all they’re trying to figure out what is going on. I never say we won florida i’ve never so we one anything you know. But yeah. Going to be tough for them to catch us. We’ve had tremendous

support. From the black community from the from the hispanic community is. Well over. We appreciate it but which one he’s calling and using terms like super predator which is a term that you can’t use but he used it all over the place to protect our security i suspended the entry of foreign refugees from terribly good nations by his alleged a staggering 7100% increases refugees from the most violent terrorists hot spots anywhere. If you don’t mind at all and that. And that was a deal the manifesto that he agreed with bernie sanders an aoc blustery right so yeah thirty centers this is actually took them for the left bernie was even a 7100% increase. The biden planned would overwhelm you communities and hospitals are open the floodgates. To radical islamic terror call france him how are they doing how are they doing you so what’s happened what’s happened is a disgrace i called. The president my grown good good friend of mine great guy. That

i just gave our condolences on behalf of our country but what’s going on over there is terrible so if you don’t mind. Will take up passes on okay. The band right today and everybody’s oh it’s available saint one of the sen wanted terrible thing to lose a fight it. And that we one of supreme a long time ago and now we keep people out who can’t love our country our people to want to hurt people we one about and- we will keep them out. I am also keeping the terrorists and jihadists are we and again you know some people say that’s not. Politically acceptable but whether it is or not i have to do what’s right for our country we are keeping. The hell out. Of we invested to. Five trillion dollars most over. The united states military

we’ve totally rebuild our military our military was completed. Our military was totally depleted from years of endless wars and just kept going on and on we were we became the policemen of nations and- we invested two point five we have the finest equipment in the world we are the envy of russia and china and- north korea and anybody else we have equipment. The rockets and missiles and tanks and submarines separated still what he does like we have the submarines at all of the things that we’ve been doing and building and playing g. F. Thirty five stealth you can’t see it it’s hard to get you down because you can see in the enemy says you know we want to figure that one out. And in five years they will the only thing

they won’t figure out is the wall in the wheel drive. We are doing great on that wall is almost complete that’s why you don’t hear. We saved a place called on. The philadelphia shipyard you know that. And biden- shutting it down they were shutting it down and we said no thank you we’ll keep it open and it showed job we also pass va choices via a accountability. Are great. We recently got a 91% approval rating from on that so now the vets can go on line. And after waiting. A long time to see a doctor we have great doctors in there but after waiting two weeks three weeks a long time. They go out they get a doctor local doctor. We take care of the bill. And we take care of our great. Take. They’ve been trying to get them for forty four years as a- and the accountability is where they don’t treat we have people that worked at

the doctor’s office with respect and treat him good that all of our best like we- and- we- couldn’t do anything. It because of unions and because of civil service and lots of other reasons. And they’ve been trying to get his for forty. And now we have somebody that doesn’t treat our- that’s right if they’re sadistic if they steal from moments they do bad things to. We say gm sorry fired catalan. We terminated about eighty thousand people that should have never been there we couldn’t do anything about it so our dentists are leading a much better life really it’s a it’s a tremendous things. Like firing people i don’t like fired people but they’re leading a much better life they were terrorists and terrible people and then they

couldn’t do anything about it you couldn’t do anything about it. Last night they never thought they get that one passed last night in my direction the united states military conducted a successful operation to rescue. And american high. Kidnapped overseas. Ninety six hours. Our incredible from the u. S. Special forces brilliantly executed a daring nighttime operation they kidnapped an american. In a faraway land over the last four years we’ve rescued over fifty five hostages and detainees in more than. Twenty four. Hey y’all have thousands of people all of a sudden you can’t pay. Now this is sort of the last and we had no casualties nobody injured except the other side was badly injured. No idea i won’t tell you how badly injured. They kidnapped at american and they can’t do that. And i just want to thank special forces these are really special forces but they’re really special. Today’s operations serve as a stark warning to terrorists and thoughts the

dreaded kidnap for people no matter where it may be you cannot escape the long reach of american justice. So they did. And as you know. We wiped out 1% of the isis caliphate syria. And we kill the vision. Horrible founder and leader of isis al baghdadi they were looking for and for eighteen years one of the first things i said is fine down baghdadi. And they found them. And kill him. I was told in right children in the dog called in who’s. They gave the government for more press than the poor but that’s okay. He deserved it actually. We took out the mass murder of u. S. Troops in many trips of many people. The worst terrorist at a mall. I withdrew from last administration’s. Iran nuclear deal one hundred and fifty million thanks for nothing for nothing one point eight billion in cash we give them can you believe it. What is one point

eight billion mike in cash how did you let. That happen like. It’s it was. I record a capital israel open the- embassy in june. I also recognizes sovereignty over the heights in good working order for two years we got it done and hours. I was of endless war. Where ford peace in the middle east you see out at all. No more blood the senate. Biden plunges into one read far after he loves warsaw you know slow a. Thank you. Good for me in the republican party is a vote to save the american dream very soon. The lady abraham lincoln happened to be a republican. You gotta remember that he conclusion over the next forty i could say with your left to go to another. I’m going to take. We’re going to go to another part of pennsylvania and then we to. Tuesday. The fake news can’t believe this it is. It is has got a lot of energy. Over the next four years we will make america into the manufacturing superpower of the world and we will end our reliance on

china and we’ve already started that. Action we will hire more police increase penalties for assaults or law enforcement and we will ban deadly sanctuary city. We will defend the right to live free speech religious liberty. Right to keep and bear arms. Six under caesar don’t worry as long as i’m here on this occasion you guys are. You guys are right. You guys are right there with. We will maintain america’s unrivaled military might as well we’ve done that so we’ve got like we’ve never had before and we will ensure peace through strength. We will end surprise medical bills require price transparency starts january first bicker than health care you watch. All set to go january first all signed up lower drug prices even more

favored nations are going to go from the highest to the lowest price anywhere in the world. The drug. President trump they don’t like. To take it out more raids and sleepy joe about me. Is saying things about me in those ads at all i’m doing is just give me the lowest price in the world. They come up with. It’s not good to do that i don’t know to me it’s good to do that. And we will always protect patients with pre existing conditions. The first woman on the moon and the united states will be the first nation to lead and astronaut on mars very excited. Space force with everything else we do space force we created the first. New branch seventy five years airforce was the last one that we have space floors and we never even

used to talk about that at the rally sen. I’ve actually done more i really believe that i think i’ve done more than a promise i may be the only politician if you call me holidays. More than that from. I think that might be a first why to check it out check it out. This may force we need. This one of the- president russia so china dates. Was on i said we to do that too. And i got great help from the republican senate. And from these gentleman right here. We actually had some by voters and help the leave it or not. Which is not easy to get. We will stop radical indoctrination of our students and restore. Patriotic education. G. George. To love our country. Three please respect our. National model did god we draw. National right the pledge of the they took the word got a- and i watched. They said they must have made it. The problem was that i heard is time they said that was not a typo. And the american public went crazy and all of a sudden they put it back but that’s with

it coming from. Never going to happen with me never going to happen with these guys. Three years you had a president to apologize for america now you have a president. Who is standing up for america and standing up for the great people of pennsylvania. Four years you’ve seen me fight for you now i’m relying on you to deliver another historic victory for our country. One november third we must finish the job. I have to go out and vote just have to go out and- get it finished training to swap it’s deeper and more vicious than anybody. Swamp creatures here it’s a great one zero to swamp creatures. Washington. So get your friends your family your neighbors your coworkers. Boss and you have to get out and vote november third. November third and you want to do that you want to pick that the you know we’re doing how we’re

doing so well because of them but they’re not be but they just want to get out and vote. We’re going to have a historic day i really believe that we’re gonna just based on. What’s going on throughout all these other states so what we would ten sylvania. We will. Florida is looking so good ohio is lookin celebrate. They get it for generations america’s destiny was made for just. I think i love. My mother’s away today for the shot. Two hours ago thank you very much and we do appreciate. Three generations america’s destiny was made for justin one in places like johnstown and pittsburgh hearing altoona. Bethlehem and right here in butler. Our american ancestors gave their blood sweat and tears to defend our

country and our freedom. We stand on the shoulders of american heroes to cross the ocean set on the continent james the wilderness laid down the railroads raised up the skyscrapers one two world wars defeated fascism and communism and made america into the single greatest nation. In the history of the world and the best is yet to come. You will build this country and they gather we are taking back our country we are returning power do you. The american people that. All right. With your help your devotion and your drive we are going to keep on working and we’re going to keep on fighting and we are going to keep on winning. One one people one family and one glorious nation under god. And together with

the incredible people. We have made america powerful again. Great great great. We have. We’ll see you again. Your four oh one k.’s is doing great. Four oh one k.’s. Biden out of the way you see a stock market that goes through the roof. Is ahead. I call them joe headwind is ahead. We get out of the way you see a stock market that goes through the roof it’s already could you imagine in the middle of a pandemic were doing so well. We have made america strong again. We have. Again we- yeah. We. Will.

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