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150 Starved to Death in Ethiopia’s Tigray in August

150 Starved to Death in Ethiopia’s Tigray in August

The month of August claimed 150 lives in the Tigray region, Ethiopia.

The famine that killed approximately 30 people each day was caused by a drought which has left Ethiopians struggling to access food and water for their animals as well as themselves since February 2017. The last time this area experienced such extreme levels of malnutrition was back in 2008 when an estimated 10 million were affected across East Africa due to widespread crop failures linked directly or indirectly with El Nino weather patterns leading up to its arrival. This year’s lack of rain has not only damaged crops but also dried out wells used for farming livestock leaving many without drinking water too forcing them trek miles looking for it elsewhere if they are lucky enough have anything at all remaining once they do reach safe sources

On August 3, 1973 in the Ethiopian province of Tigray 150 people died due to starvation. This was not because there wasn’t enough food around but rather an oversight on planning and distribution by government officials when it came time for famine relief. Unfortunately this kind of neglect is all too common during times where significant portions of societies are at risk from agricultural disaster or lack thereof which can lead to crippling famines.

On August 3rd 1973 in Ethiopia’s state known as Tigray over one hundred fifty individuals starved after a lapse in communication between local administrators that led to insufficient preparation for distributing aid meant to keep citizens safe against hunger-related dangers like malnutrition and death .

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