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15 Celebrity Break Up Glow Ups

15 Celebrity Break Up Glow Ups

these stars know that the best way to get over someone is to get to work on themselves breakups in the public eye can be tough when your divorce or split hits national headlines how can you move on whether it’s writing a cathartic breakup song hitting the gym seven days a week or writing a best-selling memoir these celebrities definitely know how to handle lost love these glow ups prove that when one door closes windows open if you’re willing to work for it adele possibly the

most striking glow up of all time yes adele looks fantastic after committing to a healthy lifestyle and plant-based diet what’s most amazing is that after ending her eight-year marriage with ex-husband businessman simon kaneki adele took some time to commit to loving herself it takes a lot of self-care and love to stick to a diet like she did after showing off her new trim figure it was revealed that adele was working with stritford diet which encourages greens like kale soy and red

wine adele has also found a love for pilates and lifting weights it’s not all about the inches she looks happier than ever adele is setting a great example for her eight-year-old son and showing her fans that respecting and loving your body is what a glow up is all about kelly osbourne as the daughter of legendary rock star ozzy osbourne this star has been in the spotlight for pretty much her entire life there’s a lot of pressure to have the perfect hollywood body kelly has always been

curvier and flaunted her vintage pin-up style in 50s flair dresses and bright lips the reality tv star and emmy winner has been through a few breakups over the years but her real glow up comes from the work she did to kick her substance abuse issues kelly recently revealed her 80 pound weight loss and she looks incredible kelly shared in an interview with us weekly that in 2018 she opted for a gastric sleeve surgery to help her with her wellness journey two years later all that

focus on herself has paid off kelly’s famous and lovable family is teaming up once again for a new reality series called the osborne’s knight of terror glad to see she’s still rocking the colorful hairstyles charlie dimelio although the mega sensation tick-tock star has always been gorgeous she recently shared a video showing off her glow up charlie shows her subtle

transformation from round-faced teen to stylish influencer and actress with a more mature looking makeup and style charlie’s change to a more grown-up look comes after her most recent breakup with fellow tock star chase hudson also known as little huddy since the breakup charlie decided to cut her hair shorter into a slick bob style and she even added

some post-relationship streaks of hot pink we’ve all been there in august the social media personality took to instagram to share that she and chase were calling it quits she wrote since you guys have watched mine and chase’s relationship from the start i decided i needed to tell you all that we’re no longer together we’re still close friends and i would not change that

for anything khloe kardashian after a very public 2019 breakup with her ex tristan thompson who is the father of her daughter true khloe kardashian took some time for herself and by herself we mean constantly being filmed and surrounded by family friends and employees she did however put some major work into achieving a 2.0 version of what she calls her revenge body chloe’s post-breakup workout routine is no joke before the drama even began she was working with personal trainer gunner peterson on some intense cardio and weightlifting sessions her new love of fitness became a

reality series that helps people turn their lives around by gaining confidence after giving birth to true chloe got right back on track with her wellness routine and showed herself and the world that loving yourself is worth keeping up with selena gomez the former disney star and the weeknd dated for a while back in 2017 they were pretty much the cutest couple at

coachella that year but a few months later the couple called it quits after splitting from the weekend selena went on a major glow up 2018 and 2019 were some of her best years for music to date after releasing a few singles her album rare dropped in january 2020. the music was a departure from her previous style diving into a more mature sound and playing with her vision as an artist during the year she also opened up about having taken some time for introspection

she also announced the launch of her makeup line rare beauty her recent album and work prove that good can come from failed relationships too as long as you let yourself learn and grow from the experience bella hadid this top model also spent some time hanging out with the weeknd and just like selena their relationship didn’t last forever the pair first got together in 2015 then broke up then got back together then broke up again in 2019 blaming their busy schedules 2019

also just happened to be bella’s biggest career year yet this runway star has always been one of the most gorgeous girls to grace the covers of the hottest magazines but thanks to some personal care routines in 2019 her looks have evolved bella’s recent look has gone from girl next door pretty to high fashion kotura glam that’s what a good glow up can do for you

kylie jenner the makeup mogul has grown up before our eyes after first appearing on keeping up with the kardashians as a youngster kylie has slowly transformed into the gorgeous reality tv star we know today a lot of that glow-up had to do with her love of makeup and fashion but kylie’s recent transformation into chic and mature mom was helped along by her

breakup with travis scott splitting from the father of her almost three-year-old daughter stormy allowed kylie the time to work on herself and her brand and it seems to be working out well in 2019 kylie made the forbes list for america’s wealthiest self-made women with her net worth of over 800 million dollars talk about independence miley cyrus everyone may have been rooting for her relationship with liam hemsworth especially when they got back together after a

long hiatus and soon announced an engagement but alas the last song co-stars just weren’t meant to be after that split miley was attached to singer cody simpson for a few months but the pair called it quits by late summer in cool girl miley fashion this meant more time to gain a new hairstyle sparkly wardrobe and put together an album of new music and

unique covers of classic rock songs miley recently teams up with mtv unplugged to produce some head-banging backyard sessions looks like miley is doing just fine katy perry after only 14 months of marriage the young singer and her husband actor russell brand announced the news of their divorce some fans say that the relationship was doomed from the get-go and looking at katie’s life now that may be true following the breakup katie dyed her hair blonde dove into her music

coming out with one number one hit after another she also soon started seeing another actor pirates of the caribbean star orlando bloom the couple had a few ups and downs but are now parents to daisy dev bloom and are still going strong demi lovato the singer and her fiance max eric called it quits at the end of the summer soon after rumors of their

engagement being called off surfaced demi shared a picture of herself not wearing her ring confirming suspicions max took to twitter and instagram to add some drama to the already heartbreaking split for demi after dealing with so much the star does not need that kind of person in her life however only about a month later demi surprised fans by dropping a new song and video commander in chief the honest and powerful video about the american crisis went viral gaining millions of views and skyrocketing this singer back to the top demi’s never down for long we can always count on that

hillary duff when the former lizzie maguire star married hockey player mike cormie their relationship seemed picture-perfect after a private romantic wedding the pair welcomed their son luca by 2016 however they were officially divorced and continued to co-parent their son even though her marriage didn’t work out hillary continued working hard on

establishing her company happy little camper and starring in the hit series younger fast forward a few years and the actress is now happily married once again to musician matthew coma and the couple just announced that they’re expecting their second child the pair have a two-year-old daughter named banks and loves sharing their everyday lives at

home looks like true love kaylie coco after a season of working together on the tv comedy series big bang theory the actress began dating her co-star johnny galecki the pair were together for two years but ultimately split up while the show was still running possibly making things a bit awkward on set in an interview with haute living kaylee shared it was a mutual breakup and you can rarely say that johnny and i were friends first after calling it quits however the star really got

into fitness and self-improvement since she made it clear that it wasn’t about jealousy it was more about working on herself for herself and she looks great taylor swift maybe better known as the queen of breakup songs taylor swift is the ultimate pro at getting over past loves her lyrics mostly embody exactly how it feels to have your heart broken and her albums are often journals of catharsis after a major split back in 2016 right after her breakup from tom hiddleston taylor

was spotted out and about wearing the perfect outfit to show off just how little she was bothered the classic red lip is a t-swift staple and a symbol of her classic style less than a year later her album reputation came out with plenty of honest songs about love since she’s been going steady with joe alwyn for some time fans may be worried that her songs won’t

have the same heart-healing powers but with the surprise release and major success of folklore we definitely don’t need to worry Megan fox not long after the news dropped about the divorce between the actress and her marriage of 10 years to bryan austin green it seemed like the beauty was back on her feet the couple who share three children had separated

before but this time was the real deal and Megan was ready to move on later that same month megan appeared in a machine gun kelly music video for bloody valentine looking super good in a feather dress for one scene and a sleek leather jacket for another megan and the rocker quickly became an item and are still together in an interview with howard stern

mgk said that was my first experience with being open to love colton underwood guys can have glow-ups too after the former bachelor was diagnosed with coronavirus cassie randolph helped nurse him back to health in quarantine a couple of months later however the pair split certain bachelor-worthy drama ensued but colton seems to be doing okay post-

breakup he recently released a tell-all book about his life and time as a reality star titled the first time finding myself and looking for love on reality tv these celebs may not have been able to keep their relationships going but they had no problems working on themselves post-love life these stars have shown us what self-care truly means are you rooting for any of these celeb ex-couples to get back together or are the stars better off spending time on themselves

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