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13 Married Celebrities With HUGE Age Differences

13 Married Celebrities With HUGE Age Differences

from the 12 years between jd and beyonce to the 17 years between george and emil clooney these celebrities have found their match in partners more than 10 years older than they here are 13 celebrity couples with a big age gap between them jg 12 years beyonce and jg have been together for a lot longer than their ascii friends which might surprise some people black lively and ryan reynolds 11 years blank and ryan fell in love on set of green lantern in 2011 and they have not let their age difference affect their relationship priyanka chopra and nick

jonas ten years their royal romance shocked the world but their ten-year-age girlfriends might shock you more nikki reed and eon summerholder 10 years these two former vampires might look the same age but ian is actually 10 years older than nikki sofia richie and scott disick 15 years while sophia’s dad might not be totally down with her and scarce is

different it apparently doesn’t have any effect on the relationship sam taylor johnson and aaron taylor johnson 19 years sam taylor johnson and aaron first made on set of now here boy which aaron is starting and self-directed they have been inseparable ever since amber tamlin and david cross 19 years the couple has been going strong since 2008 despite their

big ex girlfriends since then they have had one daughter together and have supported each other to their different projects [Music] emma clooney and george clooney 17 years the human rights lawyer and the actor tom hates when they became the ultimate power couple in 2013. since then they have added to their family when she gave birth to twins in

2017. katherine mcphee and david foster 34 years some fans were super shocked to see catherine and david first get together despite some of the backlash they have gotten over their age gap they have taken it in a stride brihati prince lou and adam lovine ten years the victoria’s secret angel and maroon five front men have the cutest relationship together and

they certainly don’t let anything come between them megan fox and brian austrian green 12 years their relationship has had a lot of ups and downs but they stuck with each other even though they are 12 years apart catherine swartz janega and chris pratt 10 years chris pratt only had a three-year age difference with his ex-wife and a fairies so it was short of

surprising to people when they found out he was 10 years older than catherine rosie hunting turned whitely and jason statham 20 years rosie and jason dated for six years before getting engaged in 2016. while they have not tied the 98 they do have one adorable son together

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