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10 Stormi Webster Moments That Are The Cutest

10 Stormi Webster Moments That Are The Cutest

stormy may be the cutest of the entire karjenner family since the day stormy made her surprise appearance in the world of the karjenners fans of her reality star family have gone gaga over the adorable addition to the crew the two-year-old daughter of makeup mogul kylie jenner and musician travis scott will probably be running the world one day for now she’s the cutest toddler on your social media feed are you gonna be a good helper yes mommy okay patience test a viral challenge made its way through mommy bloggers all over the world the fruit snack challenge tests kids patience by placing candy in front of them but telling them to wait for the parent to come back before taking any of course the kids

are being filmed and don’t know they’re being tested when kylie tried this out on stormy the little girl’s reaction was so cute who wouldn’t want to dig right into that bowl of m ms stormy considers grabbing a handful but reminds herself to wait by singing cuddle challenge kylie also tried out the cuddle challenge it involves the parent laying down on their kid’s lap in a reversal of rolls to catch the little one’s reaction when kylie did this to stormy she set up the camera to film the adorable mother-daughter duo on the couch in their pjs stormy and tie-dye and kylie in a black matching set in a video

that’s almost too cute for words kylie cuddles up to the toddler and stormi begins to pat her mom on the head she’s seen melding the words don’t be afraid mommy met gala dress up stormy webster has some pretty cute fits she and her cousins are definitely following in their fashionista parents footsteps last october when stormy was 20 months old she even got to play dress-up in one of her mom’s most iconic looks her 2019 met gala dress stormy modeled a replica of jenner’s custom purple versace gown complete with feathers and purple hair and the look played on the mets camp notes on fashion theme of that year we could ask who wore it better but it kind of goes without saying dancing to rise and shine

the internet almost broke when kylie shared a video of herself singing stormy awake fans couldn’t believe that the kylie cosmetics ceo had such a good singing voice meme sprung up of jenner singing her rise and shine melody kylie also shared a video of stormy playing with a microphone while mom tells her to sing something stormy repeats the words to the famous lines to rise and shine adorable snowboarding last december before stormy even turned two she was already a pro snowboarder okay maybe not a pro but she was shredding some powder better than most toddlers the cutest part about the family day on the slopes stormy and kylie’s matching white snow suits and stormy’s little helmet we don’t need

mention that mom’s montclair grenoble belted suit goes for a fresh 3135 looks like stormy is loving her first snow trip did you even know they made snowboards that small first day of school although stormy was set to start preschool this fall with covid restrictions kylie has decided to opt for homeschooling but that doesn’t mean you can’t take cute back-to-school pictures and go shopping for new school outfits in september kylie shared pictures of stormy’s first day the preschoolers are may’s backpack amazed fans as it actually sells for twelve thousand dollars stormy was also rocking some adorable white and yellow basketball sneakers and an all-black outfit very chic birthday party fun after stormy’s first birthday was an all-out amusement park kylie amped it up for her daughter’s second birthday and introduced us to

stormy world a play on travis scott’s astroworld the event featured a trolls and frozen themed party with everything kids love from costume actors and rides to candy a tie-dye station and ball pit stormy wasn’t as impressed with the celebrity guests as she is with meeting the trolls she even gave her favorite character a big hug that’s one lucky two-year-old basketball with dad even though mom and dad aren’t an official couple stormy’s dad travis scott loves spending time with her earlier this year he shared a sweet video of the father-daughter duo playing basketball together the video showed an overall wearing stormi chasing the ball which is almost as big as her around the court recently travis shared a photo of his and stormi’s matching nike basketball shoes wonder if she’ll be following in her father’s musical footsteps butterfly

themed party in celebration of stormy’s first makeup collab with kylie cosmetics her mom threw her an elaborate butterfly themed party the event featured lavender and pink decor with greenery and giddy little girls everywhere stormy’s cousins were invited and she looked super adorable while playing with the other kids in their playhouse and on the garden swing stormy wore a dress with pink tulle and you guessed it purple butterflies just the normal life of a multi-millionaire mom’s toddler pump patch dream is there anything cuter than babies and pumpkins when fall rolls around

everyone flocks to the pumpkin patches and apple orchards to get their perfect pictures with the staple autumn accessories last season stormy was the cutest thing on the farm in her matching pumpkin outfit this year despite physical distancing restrictions the family once again visited the pumpkin patch and a much older looking stormi enjoyed her tractor ride while hanging out with kylie and travis stormy has definitely conjured up some awe-worthy moments in her two and a half years she’s less of a storm and more of a ray of sunshine we can’t wait to see what they do next who do you think is the cutest karjenner grandbaby

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