10 Signs Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant Again

10 Signs Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant Again

10 Signs Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant Again

kylie hasn’t performed a vanishing act yet but it hasn’t stopped fans from speculating that she may be pregnant again most likely to have a baby the last time kylie was pregnant with her and rapper travis scott’s daughter stormy webster the star disappeared for months only returning to announce the news kylie hasn’t vanished from social media completely but

with her absences from family travel racking up and her blue and pink manicures sparking debate she may be expecting a second baby i don’t want another baby right now she missed kim’s birthday party fans of kylie noticed that she was not present at kim’s birthday bash and was absent from kim’s 40th birthday episode of keeping up with the kardashians an

episode, where Kim was joined by her entire family including chris courtney chloe kendall and yes even robin scott, were there a few days later sister chloe confirms kylie’s absence telling ellen that kylie was missing due to work stuff where was she photos by the daily mail in the weekend of kim’s birthday party featured kylie and stormy getting on a private jet

though not to kim’s birthday two days after the first round of photos more images were published of kylie and stormy returning to la with travis scott suggesting that the two were actually visiting travis scott in houston she wants more

children with kylie and travis reportedly back together and their success in co-parenting kylie has been thinking about having another baby kylie talks about having another baby very frequently a source told e last may adding she would love to have another baby with travis and would love to be pregnant by next year she talks about it all the time and feels like she was truly meant to be a mother in 2019 kylie told interview germany i do want more kids but i do not have any plans in the near future to have children right now so it’s no secret that kylie enjoys being a young mom and does want more

children eventually it looks like she’s back with travis when travis scott turned 28 last year kylie wrote a pretty telling love note on instagram happy happy birthday let’s mess around and have another baby when travis turned 29 this april kylie captioned her post dedicated to scott love you forever in march tmz reported that the two were officially an item again a

fact that was later confirmed by e when jenner went to justin bieber and haley baldwin’s wedding on september 30th without travis scott tmz reported that their relationship had cooled with a source close to jenner telling people kylie and travis scott had been arguing and were taking some time but not done on october 17th the two were together again with

kylie posting a photo of herself and travis posing together in givanchi’s latest collection leading fans to believe they were back together she wants another daughter there was some speculation that kylie had announced her pregnancy during her older sister chloe’s 35th birthday bash in a video on chloe’s instagram the star shows off her birthday cake and in the background a voice similar to kylie’s announces i’m pregnant however the rumors that that mystery voice was kylie’s were

quickly shut down but pregnancy rumors resurfaced when kylie’s friend heather sanders commented on kylie’s instagram birthday tribute to travis scott the post in which kylie’s birthday message included let’s have another baby invoked a response from sanders who replied with happy birthday travis i love you guys adding perfect lil family now gives stormi a brother kylie was quick to clap back at her friend replying sister to the comment no drinking for kylie another log on the

fire of pregnancy rumors fans were quick to notice that kylie didn’t drink the wine she selected in a recent session with makeup artist james charles in a video james charles dropped on october 27th 2020 he cut to the chase asking the star if she wanted more kids to which kylie excitedly responded i want more so bad i actually think about it every day i just don’t

know when kylie added that she wasn’t planning for more kids and doesn’t have time later in the video the two enjoyed some white wine but eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out that kylie never actually swallows any of her drink kylie has been self-isolating with travis scott during the u.s initial lockdown in april kylie was isolating with travis scott as they co-

parented stormy while on vacation during quarantine the two were also spotted sharing a room in fact an eyewitness told in touch weekly that the two never left the room opting to stay in when a nanny and bodyguard brought stormy to a nearby beach with the couple reuniting in february of 2019 some were concerned that the arguments that had caused their breakup would resurface as well as issues around the couple’s demanding schedules but that hasn’t been the case a

source told people that although things haven’t slowed down much for the duo they’re better able to handle it at the end of the day the couple is happy to have their family back together a baby gift in true kardashian jenner fashion kylie’s friend pia mia sent her an enormous bouquet if the bouquet which was shaped like a stuffed bear hadn’t contained baby-

sized nikes that were far too small for two-year-old stormi it would still be suspect to those with a knowledge of floral symbolism the floral arrangement starring white cali lilies a symbol of innocence white roses symbolizing a new beginning in young love yellow tulips symbolizing cheerfulness and the piesta resistance green roses which represent

fertility the bouquet also contains dracena leaves as filler with the name meaning female dragon and they represent love and fortune coincidence we think not kylie wants to have seven kids in an april live stream for the hashtag do your part instagram live series jenna revealed that she does want more children but i want like seven kids but not right now kylie’s

closest inner circle all expect her to be pregnant soon and kylie herself feels pressured to give stormy a sibling during an interview with harper’s bazaar in march jenner opened up about having a second baby and told the magazine my friends all pressure me about it they love stormy i definitely feel pressured to give her a sibling but there’s no plan with kylie’s

inner circle all convinced that kylie is bound to have a second child soon and kylie wanting to be a young mother of seven she may want two-year-old stormi to have a sibling close in age she has a secret name still set aside on an instagram live session last march kylie revealed two of her top three names number one stormy and number three rose the runner-up name kylie elected to keep to herself is still a secret kylie did reveal to fans that her second choice was a very weird name

as the star detailed her naming process she gave one other important hint saying i looked up names and i saw storm and i really liked that but i wanted her to have an i.e at the end of her name like me an unusual name ending in ie could be anything but the fact that kylie has yet to reveal her second choice of baby names saying she’s keeping it a secret just in

case has fans speculating that kylie will have another baby in the future kylie and travis are trying for a baby shortly after kylie and travis reconciled in 2019 a source told people magazine that kylie and travis may be considering some serious steps forward in their relationship and fans could see a whole new era of motherhood for kylie the source told people in

july of 2019 kylie loves being a mom and can’t wait to give stormi a sibling everyone thinks kylie will be pregnant with her second baby soon they are trying with sources close to kylie convinced that baby number two could be on the way kylie hasn’t quelled any rumors and actually fueled the fire last year captioning a pic of herself and travis getting cozy with the caption baby number two doesn’t help to calm suspicions

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